Review Policy

*Updated April 1, 2014*
Please read all of our review policy.

What kind of books we like to review and genres we do not:

We review books of all genres, fiction and non-fiction, that are considered clean reads—no erotica or explicit sex, no excessive profanity, no excessive violence and no paranormal themes, such as ghosts, the occult, or vampires. Please do not solicit us if your book has any of the content we just mentioned. We receive many requests, and it is clear to us when an author or publicist has not read our review policy.

Although we prefer clean reads, we do not review Christian non-fiction or Christian fiction whose overall theme is religiously inclined. If you are uncertain if your book fits this description, please send us a synopsis of the book, and we will determine if it is a book we wish to review.

We reserve the right to accept or decline a book for review--even after it has been received--if it contains the content we mention above. Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. Sometimes we come across a book that we just don't like or cannot finish and therefore prefer not writing a review.

What we include in our review:

All our reviews are an honest critique of your book. We read the whole book and  take the time to note character, setting and plot development. We aim to write a well-balanced review that states our view and opinion of it. We will indicate what we liked and what we did not like without being rude. We never sell any books we receive for review, however, we may host a giveaway, or pass them on to friends.

Formats accepted:

We accept hard copies: galleys and ARCs are fine, no pdf files. We accept a limited number of e-books at this time. Self-published authors are welcome. Please do not send your book if it has not been professionally edited or proofread. We do not read manuscripts.

Our rating system:

You will notice that we rate the books we review, however, this rating is not an indication of whether the book is poorly or well-written or if it's a good or a bad read. It is simply to guide readers who are seeking clean books to read. You will see a letter and perhaps a note at the end of the review or next to the book title for reviews written before November 2011. The letters reflect the subjects being rated:
C = clean
S = sex
V = violence
P = profanity
PA = paranormal
For example: A book may be rated as (P mild) for a few vulgar words.
    Please contact either one of us:
    (Visit the About Us page for a brief bio of who we are.)
    • Laura Fabiani (laurafabiani at videotron dot ca)
    At this time,  due to time constraints and a heavy review schedule I am no longer accepting books for review unless it is for a tour company, author or publisher I have already worked with in the past. I am now owner of iRead Book Tours. If you are interested in booking a virtual book tour, please visit our website
    • Sandra (sandrasbookreviews at gmail dot com)
    Sandra is currently accepting a minimal number of review books.

    When requesting a review, include the name of your book, your full author name, ISBN #, publisher's name and synopsis of your book. Also include your author website if you have one. We look forward to reviewing your book!